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Organizations, Associations, and Ministries Supported by the Krasne Foundation:

Supporting Local Catholic Radio...


WSFI - 88.5 FM - Catholic Radio  "Informing, Inspiring, and Educating." 
JAY KRASNE - Advancement Coordinator

KAIROS PRISON MINISTRY of Illinois  "God's Special Time."
JAY KRASNE - Team Member, Speaker

WATCH for the DATE!

11th Annual Men of Christ Conference

April - 2017

MEN OF CHRIST  "Empowering Men to Boldly Live Their Life of Faith!."

JAY KRASNE - Parish/Area Captain - Marytown - Libertyville, Illinois

WATCH for the DATE!

Spring Mens Catholic Cursillo Weekend

Application available online:  HERE

CHICAGO CATHOLIC CURSILLO  "50 Years of Making a Friends, Being Friends, Bringing Friends to Christ."
JAY KRASNE - Past Team Member, Sponsor

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